Architecture office “M+” was founded in 2003 in Novi Sad. By working on projects for single and multi-family buildings, as well as office and public buildings we try not to lose our open-mindedness and curiosity in contemporary trends in architecture. Despite the circumstances we still strive to implement those in the environment we create. There is no such thing as big or small task which is why we see every new project as a challenge – regardless of the size and scale. In today’s globalist pluralism which hasn’t bypassed architecture as well, in diversity and abundance that is being offered as a model, we strongly believe that it is necessary more than ever to constantly rethink architectural approach. The decision not to give up on architectural competitions and invest all of our resources in something of an uncertain outcome is actually a result of our beliefs in the significance of continuous research process. That is what keeps us awake and improves our practice.

In the last 13 years since we exist as „M+“, there has been some noticeable improvements in architectural production. Globally observed, those improvements are small and uncertain, additionally disturbed by the economic crisis. However, we try to participate in the process of awakening consciousness of professional and civic public, and act against the passivity and conformism by constantly pointing out the possible directions for architecture and urban planning to go.

| Honors


2008| “RankoRadovic” Award for the best realized building of the year in Serbia, for “LEVI 9” office building

2003| “Sisters Bulajic Foundation” Award for best degree thesis project of the year

2000| Belgrade Salon of Architecture Award for competition project (architectural competition for Sqare – Galery in Belgrade)

1997| Association of Novi Sad Architects  Salon of Architecture Award for student project